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Back-Painted Glass Accent Walls in Winter Garden

Design Ideas:

Back-Painted Glass Accent WallGlass Accent walls are made by using a special process to bond paint to ordinary glass. We manufacture painted glass in custom colors and we can custom cut and fabricate painted glass panels to any size. Our manufacturing process leads to an extremely resiliant bond between the glass and paint. Our painted glass is resistant to abrasion, chemical degradation, and even exposure to weather.

We can match any custom color that you select. Most often, paints will appear a shade darker when viewed through glass substrate because glass itself absorbs some light. Optionally, you can specify low-iron glass substrate for your painted glass accent wall. Low-iron glass transmits more light than ordinary glass, but adds around five dollars per square foot to the cost.

We always produce samples for your approval prior to producing any order for a custom color.

Not only do we manufacture back-painted glass accent walls, but we can also measure, fabricate, and install them for you as well. If you prefer to do it yourself, we can supply all of the materials required for installation and help answer the questions that are likely to come up along the way. Installation of back-painted glass is very similar to installation of wall-mounted mirrors.

How expensive are custom glass accent walls? Ultimately it will depend on several factors, but you should budget for a $500 setup fee and $23.00 per square foot for custom colors on low-iron glass. Most projects will be less costly, but this formula should give you a realistic budget. Please keep in mind that we will provide you with an exact quote based on the size, complexity, and other specifications of your project.

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